How to Attract More Profits…Faster, Better, Easier!

Why write a new book or develop a new information product when you have dozens of ways to “repurpose” the books and info products you already have?

Repurposing is your fastest, easiest and most reliable way to add more sales and profits to your business without having to spend a single penny more on marketing or advertising costs.

Lean forward to watch this video … wait until the end so you can download the free Repurposing PDF offered at the end and then get registered at Virtual Book Tour Secrets

8 Responses to “How to Attract More Profits…Faster, Better, Easier!”

  1. Galib Says:

    Brilliant Alex…this post alone is worth $$ in the pocket.

    And it makes you wonder why someone would do the opposite and throw $10,000 from a plane as a publicity stunt to promote his new book? Did you see that? What was interesting was that in all the media hype, there was hardly any mention of what the book was about/called???

    Thanks again ~ Galib

  2. Herb Newborg Says:


    As always, great content and great presentation. The new AlexTV site is fantastic! Clean, crisp, direct and to the point…like all of your material.

    When you package the technology behind this presentation system, it is going to kill!

    I will be the first customer, prepay and promote to my thousands of member doctors!

    Warmest Regards-
    Herb Newborg

  3. Sergiu S. Simmel Says:


    As you have taught me and thousands others, I have indeed found REPURPOSING to be one of the KEY methods to AMPLIFY the product stream from my early-stage start-up information company, and thus AMPLIFY either my reach or my revenue or both.

    Here is, for example, what I’ve done for my upcoming Virtual Book Tour featuring Moshe Waldoks, the co-editor of THE BIG BOOK OF JEWISH HUMOR (check it out at Aside from the book itself, I had no other material to work with in creating the campaign. So I (a) recorded my guest telling a few great jokes, and made this into a bonus item, (b) transcribed some of the jokes and added them to the invitation/landing page, (c) turned an article into an eBook, (d) recorded and transcribed three short interviews he did for me on this topic of Jewish humor with a sociologist, a comedian, and his other co-editor, and the list goes on and on. Of course, post-event (which is done as an Ask campaign, of course), I will record my guest’s answers to the best 26 questions we get, which will then become a bi-weekly podcast.

    Where did I learn all of this? Of course, in the last year’s VBT course! So check out as one of the results of Alex’ outstanding teaching AND outstanding process.


    P.S. If you want to see another example of a Teleseminar I just did on Discovering Your Personal Mission Statement, check it out at

  4. Annette Pieper Says:

    Great content. I got many great ideas. Thank You!

  5. Brenda Says:

    I do not have a book or infoproduct yet. Should I start with someone like Glenn Dietzel to get the book written before doing your course? I don’t want to jump into your course and find out that I needed a product prior to being in it.
    Please let me know as I am ready to get started.

  6. BeMyRebel Says:

    Hey Alex,
    Truly impressed with how tight and professional your materials and presentation are. You add a heck of a lot of value.

    As far as Repurposing, its a Key online marketing concept.

    However, the big thing I see with most Marketers and people in general is how “in love” they are with their own product, or titile, and should need to see it within the contect of the Big Marketing Picture. So before they can Repurpose, they need to clarify the Book’s promise.

    What guides might you have on sharpening the Books Promise? So we are not repurposing a flawed book?

  7. ruth stroup Says:

    Great ideas for any business. Thanks.

  8. Jacques Says:

    Alex, I love it. The big idea I got is to propose a repurposing JV to someone who has written a book and not making much money with it. You can make money without being an author. Great, thx Alex.

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