“VBT Secrets” Viral Traffic Flow Chart

As an Infopreneur, one of the things I’m certain of is that “word-of-mouth” promotion creates viral traffic to any VBT audio website if the author’s message matches the readers’ needs.

Lean forward and watch this video carefully and you’ll get free instant access to the flow chart that causes a “viral” traffic loop to your Virtual Book Tour replay pages, if done with the step-by-step methods I recommend.

After you get the free bonus gift I offer you at the end of this video tip, grab your mouse and get registered

11 Responses to ““VBT Secrets” Viral Traffic Flow Chart”

  1. Steve Pohlit Says:

    Alex I thought this video was fantastic. Not only does it provide great information but it is done from a parking lot in front of a grocery store which reinforces your story about selling chocolate chip cookies to traffic moving to buy food. Really cool.

    I particularly appreciate the reminder. I don’t know about anyone else but for me I have learned the the lesson about articles. I have a blog with a lot of valuable content for business owners. ( ) but I have not used this content and posted the articles to article directories. Yet I know this should be done. I was taught this by several other well known information marketers about three years ago. Why haven’t I done it? I am a person who advocates and guides business owners on purposeful action. I implement in a number of areas. So I don’t have an answer.

    However, a couple weeks ago I made a commitment to do my first video and over this past weekend I filmed an conversation with a lady I am working with on a non-profit initiative that I feel is very important. I did some editing and published it on YouTube and her blog which is

    Now will my videos improve? Absolutely. In order for something to improve you have to get started. To get started you have to make a commitment to get started. Today I made a commitment to get started with article marketing. Alex thank you for reminding me of the importance of doing this and thank you for the reminder that articles can be used for blog posts and video content.

    Great content and I am now paying closer attention to the other material you have made available. You and others are demonstrating the importance of providing high quality information. Today I am finalizing a report that will be published at that gives business owners the same information that clients have paid a lot of money to receive. Would I have published this information a year or two ago? I should have but didn’t. I am now and feel very good about it.

    Again, thank you very much. Excellent material and presentation.

    Steve Pohlit

  2. Strephon Says:

    I don’t appreciate that I can’t find the link to the flow chart right here easy to find, like a button to click on.

    You want me to listen to the video again and try and remember your instructions and link address.


    Make it easy. Gives a bad taste in the mouth.

  3. Malton Schexneider Says:


    Love your style. What video player are you using for your website? Thanks.


  4. Eddie Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing your Virtual Book Tour Flow Chart, looks awesome, I can’t wait to get on the conference call this week. BTW I still have one of your earlier flow charts I got from your London Seminar about 7 or 8 years ago, thanks for showing Authors how best to engage their readers faster and in an eco-friendly way.
    ~friends of eleesha

  5. Dolan Says:

    WOW! This video gave me goose bumps. This course is going to be powerful and give alot of insigh to some very very happy authors and infopreneurs!

  6. Caleb Scoville Says:

    Thanks Alex!

    I totally agree. I think flowcharting is one of the most important steps to conceptualizing a project because it forces you to see many things you wouldn’t normally see otherwise.

    It’s funny that you mentioned flow charting in today’s video because I just finished flowcharting my new online marketing service that I will be launching in the coming month.

    I think you and your clients may benefit from it because it is centered around repurposing training based teleseminar content through multiple proven online media channels including article submissions, podcasts and “viral video” submissions.

    You may have already seen some of my work as I work with people I believe you already know like Melanie Benson Strick, Tina Forsyth, Adam Urbanski and Beth Schneider.

    Ok – enough with the shameless plug. Thanks again and I look forward to the next video.

    Caleb Scoville
    Founder & Chief Engineer
    North Bank Audio Solutions

  7. Jim Says:

    All this information is proving beneficial as I’m writing and launching new information products. Everytime I get one of these video links, I’m passing it on to as many people I know that could benefit from it.



  8. Sergiu S. Simmel Says:

    About a year or so ago, someone sent me a link with an invitation to a “call” about marketing information products. I am an infopreneur (my “information” is Jewish content for learning adults, Jews AND non-Jews, about Jewish thought, history, culture, etc.), so I thought “Hmm, for $20, it may be worth it. After 4+ hours of the preview call, I was hooked, I signed up for the full VBT course (even though I had to borrow the money) … and the rest is history. Really history: it dramatically changed the course of my business! 19 virtual book tour teleseminars later, I am now on a gradually ascending path. Alex’ teaching was not only phenomenal; it was a true eye opener. That flowchart he’s holding in his hands has become the structure of every single event I have produced since last October. For example, my next upcoming VBT teleseminar on Jewish humor, featuring the co-editor of The Big Book Of Jewish Humor (check it out at is a classic implementation of exactly that flowchart. So, Alex, THANK YOU for doing this amazing work!

  9. Diane Eble Says:

    You’re so right about the viral loop. I did a Vritual Book Tour on March 18 for a publisher, and since then we’ve gotten 58 more questions being asked. This one event alone has garnered 727 questions–that’s just how many people asked questions. Because this particular publisher chose not to link the VBT to a direct sales mechanism, we can’t track sales (unfortunately, but they have their reasons). But the book is selling well (Pagan Christianity? Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices,

    Because of the replay, the VBT can become what I call a “perpetual marketing machine”–if the author or publisher continues to promote it. You teach them how to do that, of course, in the VBTS course. I wish all publishers and authors would take this course and learn your system–it’s gold, in my opinion!

  10. Caryl Says:

    Great video. Please email me the flowchart as so far cannot access it as you described on the webpage.

  11. Jacques Says:

    This is priceless and free, thank you. I don’t understand why someone is complaining about listen to the end to get the link. That is done on purpose.
    Man, get a life.

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