May 27, 2008

Attracting Google Traffic with “Repurposed” Articles

If you’re a “techno-dummy” like me, you’ll love this traffic-generating tip :-)

As an author or info marketer, nothing is more important to the life of your business than fresh, targeted traffic from Google and other search engines on the Net.

When it comes to free traffic, nothing is easier than repurposing (transcribing) your Virtual Book Tour or teleseminar content into delicious Google “spider” food with Article Directories that offer free submission.

My favorite free submission Article Directory is and with nearly 100 articles I’ve “written with my mouth” (not with my hands) I get nearly 25,000 unique visitors to my blog each month.

Watch this video until the end because I give you access to an article I wrote that got me gobs of Google and PR Web traffic. I’m giving it to you from the parking lot of a Whole Foods grocery store in THIS video. Enjoy!

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