Attracting Google Traffic with “Repurposed” Articles

If you’re a “techno-dummy” like me, you’ll love this traffic-generating tip :-)

As an author or info marketer, nothing is more important to the life of your business than fresh, targeted traffic from Google and other search engines on the Net.

When it comes to free traffic, nothing is easier than repurposing (transcribing) your Virtual Book Tour or teleseminar content into delicious Google “spider” food with Article Directories that offer free submission.

My favorite free submission Article Directory is and with nearly 100 articles I’ve “written with my mouth” (not with my hands) I get nearly 25,000 unique visitors to my blog each month.

Watch this video until the end because I give you access to an article I wrote that got me gobs of Google and PR Web traffic. I’m giving it to you from the parking lot of a Whole Foods grocery store in THIS video. Enjoy!

22 Responses to “Attracting Google Traffic with “Repurposed” Articles”

  1. Jeffrey Levesque Says:

    Hey Alex!

    As always, excellent information!

    I was a Cub Scout myself and used the same technique!



  2. Kelly Rudolph, "Your Personal Safety Trainer" SURVIVE! Self-Defense Says:

    You are excellent at simplifying what we tend to make so difficult. Your tips provide peace of mind and a roadmap to getting where I want to go.
    You Rock!
    Kelly Rudolph

  3. Joshua Aragon Says:

    Alex, great info thank you! I’ve been struggling with getting articles together for my blog and other sites. You just make it look so easy by just doing it… I guess that’s the key, verbal or otherwise just get it done and get it out there. And more importantly get it in the right place! During my consulting sessions I always recommend my clients spend the time up front to make sure they’re in the right place, then they can be assured that the right time can come along soon afterwards. Keep up the great work Alex!

  4. Britt Malka Says:

    Awesome video! Starting with a story; very hypnotic!

  5. Gordon Bellows Says:

    Great video!

    Simple concept, but very powerful.

    I liked the story about you selling cookies as a cub scout. Not only did you make tons of sales, but I think you had much less stress than other cub scouts knocking on doors.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Gordon Bellows

  6. Tracy 'Power Gal' Monteforte Says:

    Hey Alex,

    Great video! And you are so right! I just came in my office this morning and told Pat, today between appointments I’ll be gathering articles to send to our SEO guy. We out source that work and he optimizes and submits them for us.

    Speaking of outsourcing, my son Caleb is now offering a great new service for infopreneurs where he’ll take one hour of audio content, transcribe it and then split it into 5-7 articles, 5-7 blog posts, 5-7 podcasts, 5-7 videos and then he’ll submit them to multiple ezines and video sites for you, saving you tons of time while generating targeted traffic back to your site.

    He’ll be adding this service to his site next month but you can contact him before he has too many clients to handle at

    Ask Adam Urbanski and Melanie Strick about his work (it’s amazing)…you may think I’m biased because he’s my son…but they’re not related! :-)

    Thanks for all you do, Alex!

    Tracy ‘Power Gal’ Monteforte

  7. Julieta Macias Says:

    Hi Alex,
    I appreciate your analogy in your story and in your visual demonstration. I enjoy your candid and personable approach. I am getting very close to doing what you suggest. I am also going to sign up for the teleseminar to get more suggestions and guidance.
    Julieta Macias
    Life/Executive Coach

  8. Dolan Says:

    Great video. So incredible how one thing can be repurposed and then spread out in so many different spots to drive traffic in. There are going to be some happy people that take VBTS.

    Love the timing of the vehicle leaving!

    Great camera work Hugh!

  9. Personal Development Audio Book Says:

    Great blog post Alex. I love the candy bar sales approach analagy. Thanks for this informative video.

  10. Karen Ryce Says:

    I love it!! I have written two articles and have submitted them to a few sites, I intend to write more and submit to all 60 sites listed by Matt Bacak. I like him a lot. I love his style. I believe what you tell me. So I will continue on this project with increased vigor. I’m also going to use teleseminars to share my information with others. I’m going to send you more about the Power of Respect. You’ll be hearing a lot from me very soon.

    Karen Ryce
    The Miracle Worker…of Education and Parenting

  11. Nickolove Lovemore Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Yet another great video! I love your videos because they are entertaining as well as thought-provoking. I also love articles although I tend to write and then speak mine.

    And as you and Jeff Herring teach (I took his Article Writing and Marketing course recently – excellent!) articles are so great for re-purposing.

    One article can certainly go a long, long way.

    Here’s a sample of one of my re-purposed articles:

    The Key to Success – Procrastination

    Best wishes


  12. Denese Says:

    You make it sound so easy. Great stuff! I need to stop focusing on my 2nd book and focus on article writing.


  13. Kamin Bell Says:

    Hi Alex,
    Great video! I posted 8 articles on while taking Jeff Herrings class. I’ve been busy writing other things but you’ve inspired me to get back to writing articles. It really does work. I definitely have seen an increase in traffic.

    Thanks so much for the great info!

    Abundant Blessings,
    Kamin Bell

  14. Jill Says:

    You can teach me more in a few minutes than I learn all day in some seminars. Thanks for yet anoter common-sense approach to marketing.

    Be well,


  15. Woei Yu Says:


    A great technique and one we have started supporting in our new products (we provides some additional articles on the niche for people to use just as you suggest).

    Would you mind if I pointed to this blog post so my customers/list could be reinforced in the technique?

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been as good at doing it as you/I say but you’ve spurred me to finally do as I say!



  16. Henry Says:

    an inspiration simply watching Alex’s mastery.

  17. Christine Blowes Says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for the encouragement again. You know when you get the ah ha moment while you’re learning, well, this week I’ve had my ah ha moment with the importance of videos and how they can get you ranking higher on the searcg engines. This video just hit that point home again.
    Many thanks
    Kind regards

  18. Kevin Bushey Says:


    You have such a great ability to lay out simple techniques that can be very powerful. You’ve gven some great advice I can use with one of my JVs. Thanks for free download too! Take Care!

    Kevin Bushey

  19. Keith Leon Says:


    This is a great tip! I was recently speaking with my wife Maura about this…and we sat down and did a mind map, followed up by a timeline to get this done. I look forward to sharing this with Maura and also look forward to creating the video’s, blogs and audio recordings.

    Keep up the great work, and remember this world would not be the same without you!


    Keith Leon

  20. terry P Carter Says:

    Hey Alex – as always, a great and timely message – i’ve been slacking with my article submissions lately – and forgetting the keep it simple of repurposing existing content in various ways – articles, video, blog,etc.
    Al the Best!

  21. Blake Warrington Says:


    This was a great reminder. I was literally just working on some articles and the additional information you provided in this free tip holds great value for what I am currently working on.

    Perfect timing!


    Blake Warrington

  22. Carl Atkinson Says:


    Your abundance of rich, exciting ideas has me running on overload–which is a painful concession for a lively octogenarian like me to make.

    I’m transitioning from Web site founder and article writer to the writer, narrator, and author of what I envision as a never-ending
    virtual guide book on how to make the most of living longer.

    I’m stepping up the pace of my EzineArticle submissions and
    begininning to audiogenerate my content with the intention of feeding a steady podcast flow to social networks, YouTube, Twitter, et al.

    My aim is to configure these audio/articles into an orderly sequence under major topical headings to create a virtual book
    which is continually updated in order to keep it current and
    responsive to changing conditions, technology, or readership interests.

    My intention to market this perpetually changing product on a subscription basis.

    What I have in mind is beyond my solo capabilities–particularly with regard to selection and use of the best technology. I am open to suggestions from the Telesemiinar Secrets community on some type of mutually beneficial collaboration.
    I have great confidence in my ability to provide and narrate timely,pertinent content that is highly marketable.

    Meantime, I’m keeping tuned in to your teachings.


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