For Authors, Infopreneurs and Small Biz Owners

Every business is an information marketing business.

It doesn’t matter what small business niche you’re in, it pays to write a book or create info products to attract new customers. Every business owner is an info marketer (a.k.a. Infopreneur).

That’s why I decided to develop my Virtual Book Tour Secrets tele-series and on this blog I’m going to do everything in my power to motivate, persuade and influence to register.

By doing so, you’llĀ grow your business faster, better and easier.

I hope you enjoy watching these online videos because they were just as much fun to create as they are to watch.

11 Responses to “For Authors, Infopreneurs and Small Biz Owners”

  1. Peter Smith Says:

    Is a $349 which is $50 off price too much for a video trailer to go onto 10 places like YouTube etc, and a virtual blog tour at 15-20 places too much as one reviewer of my book suggested? What would you advise to advertise my book that is cheaper? Regards, PS.

  2. Alex Mandossian Says:

    You have many ways to advertising your book and in my experience blogging and writing articles are the fastest, easiest and require the least amount of technological know-how.

    I have a traffic person on staff, so I can’t comment whether the pricing you suggest is fair. But what I do suggest is you visit and submit your video(s) to many of the most popular video sharing sites.

    I also suggest you get yourself a Flip Video player ( and start getting testimonials from your students, readers and submit your own videos faster and less expenisively.

  3. Kevin Gianni Says:

    Peter, I bought a flipvideo and sony vegas plus use to upload for free to Viddler, YouTube, Google, etc. With that initial investment of $300 or so (flip plus vegas, and a little bit of time to learn some editing… free on youtube or other sites) I now can broadcast anything. if it’s the editing you’re worried about, I’d check or and then upload yourself with tubemogul.

    Hope that helps!

    Live Awesome!

  4. Racheli Says:

    Thank you all for sharing all those great ideas.
    I feel like I am ready to pop with all the technology out there.
    Does any of you know the pros and cons between the Flip Video and the RCA EZ101 Small Wonder Camcorder?

    To your continued success

    Racheli Smilovits 954-567-7300

    We will be honored to serve one of your referrals Today

  5. charles cameron Says:

    I enjoyed watching your presentation

  6. Michael Cruz Says:

    I am building a product selling information on how to buy established websites with no money down. Your videos were informative and well received. You’ve given me many more ideas on how to launch my site using 2.0 methods. Thank you.

  7. Garry Davis Says:

    Hi Alex,
    My blog now is on our main website: Views From My Space. I’d like to video it in the future.
    Have written 7 books about world citizenship, world travel with a World Passport and how to practice human rights globally. They are at Also on Amazon. Already have a few videos on YouTube. I am fascinated with your approach. Had breakfast with Jack Canfield on the coast in April. Will follow through on your suggestions.

  8. Mike Says:

    Hi Alex,

    You were my inspiration for one of my latest projects.

    Let me know how I did. (See link below).

  9. Karen Ryce Says:

    You are so empowering to me! I’ve started both projects, articles and blogs, but stopped. Now I feel back on track. Thanks. You’ve helped me believe in my own choices and efforts.

    Best Wishes,

    Karen Ryce
    The Miracle Worker…of Education and Parenting

  10. ian Kelley Says:

    Great Stuff! really motivating me to get my blog and articles back up to speed! My second book is also in the works. Thanks for the great, useful, relevant information!

    Best regards,

    Ian Kelley

  11. Danny Griffin Says:

    Alex, some rookie questions…feel free to refer me elsewhere if they are too rudimentary. I have been in the coaching and seminar biz with Craig Proctor (you might know via Kennedy circles) and trying to start an internet info products division. I already own some of your stuff via Armand Morin (audio, video, ebook generator etc.) but I paralyzed as to where to start. I need a recommended web designer, hosting co. etc. In other words I need an A-Z list of the first steps. Let me know where to start. Thanks in advance for any help you could offer.

    Danny Griffin

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