How to Attract More Profits…Faster, Better, Easier!

Why write a new book or develop a new information product when you have dozens of ways to “repurpose” the books and info products you already have?

Repurposing is your fastest, easiest and most reliable way to add more sales and profits to your business without having to spend a single penny more on marketing or advertising costs.

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“VBT Secrets” Viral Traffic Flow Chart

As an Infopreneur, one of the things I’m certain of is that “word-of-mouth” promotion creates viral traffic to any VBT audio website if the author’s message matches the readers’ needs.

Lean forward and watch this video carefully and you’ll get free instant access to the flow chart that causes a “viral” traffic loop to your Virtual Book Tour replay pages, if done with the step-by-step methods I recommend.

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Birth of the “Virtual Book Tour”

November 20th, 2002 was an important day for me.

On that evening, I drove into the Book Passage (bookstore) parking lot in Corte Madera, CA and I met Al and Tipper Gore during their live “physical” book signing. I was shocked when I discovered that they only sold a few hundred books. I knew there had to be a better way.

The better way to sell books or info products is a Virtual Book Tour … which has been the topic of this video blog and my 4-module series.

Since 2002, I’ve conducted nearly a hundred Virtual Book Tours (“VBTs”). And today, I charge almost $5K to interview authors (for 60 minutes) and mail my online list on their behalf.

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Attracting Google Traffic with “Repurposed” Articles

If you’re a “techno-dummy” like me, you’ll love this traffic-generating tip :-)

As an author or info marketer, nothing is more important to the life of your business than fresh, targeted traffic from Google and other search engines on the Net.

When it comes to free traffic, nothing is easier than repurposing (transcribing) your Virtual Book Tour or teleseminar content into delicious Google “spider” food with Article Directories that offer free submission.

My favorite free submission Article Directory is and with nearly 100 articles I’ve “written with my mouth” (not with my hands) I get nearly 25,000 unique visitors to my blog each month.

Watch this video until the end because I give you access to an article I wrote that got me gobs of Google and PR Web traffic. I’m giving it to you from the parking lot of a Whole Foods grocery store in THIS video. Enjoy!

JV Profits: How to Become a Great Tele-Interviewer

Most thought leaders in every industry write books.  And because authors don’t make money writing books (they make money explaining books), you can almost automatically expand your “sphere of influence” by interviewing thought leader authors on Virtual Book Tours.

If you want to discover the opportunities awaiting you as a VBT Interviewer, watch this video so you can get access to the free bonus gift I offer you at the very end. And remember to get registered for the course at

Part 1: What’s Your Book’s Promise?

The promise of your book or info product is its subtitle. I call the verb or what your book or info product “does” for your audience. The name or noun of your book or info product is its title.

Watch this video because it demystifies the most misunderstood concept in publishing. If you’re an author or info marketer, it makes more sense to focus on your subtitle not your title … and in this video, I tell you why.

Part 2: What’s Your Book’s Purpose?

Is your book a 200+ page business card? Is it a lead generator for your business? Is it a repurposing tool to bring you more prospects or customers?

Every business is an info marketing business. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, when you really think about it, you’re in the business of marketing information. Period.

Watch this video carefully and make sure you take a peek at what I give you at the end … it’s a free gift you can download that could save you thousands of dollars in copywriting fees!

For Authors, Infopreneurs and Small Biz Owners

Every business is an information marketing business.

It doesn’t matter what small business niche you’re in, it pays to write a book or create info products to attract new customers. Every business owner is an info marketer (a.k.a. Infopreneur).

That’s why I decided to develop my Virtual Book Tour Secrets tele-series and on this blog I’m going to do everything in my power to motivate, persuade and influence to register.

By doing so, you’ll grow your business faster, better and easier.

I hope you enjoy watching these online videos because they were just as much fun to create as they are to watch.

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